Hangtown A's
Placerville, Ca
A Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America
Tours & Activities
Bring yourself, bring your family, heck bring your friends to
any of our fun filled Model A tours and activities. It's not
always what we do, but more in how much fun we have doing
it! There is nothing quite like traveling to your destination on
the back roads of America in an 80+ year old vehicle. Lot's of
fun, lots of laughs.

Our Newsletter....The Sparton
Every month, read about all the goings on with the Hangtown A's. Tech advice, fashion, parties, and all the activities we enjoy with our Model As. Past and present issues are all available through our website.

The latest Sparton Newsletter "enjoy"

Like what you see? Come on and join us. Membership is only $20 year  per family. Already a member but want to join the national club, MAFCA? Click the application on the right  to find info and sign up.                                                       >>>>>>>
Welcome to the Hangtown A's website
The Hangtown A's, located in Placerville, Ca in the foothills of
the Sierra Nevada, is a club established in 1979, of like -minded
persons dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Model
A Ford vehicles as manufactured from 1928 through 1931, and
the enjoyment of Ford vehicles and fashion of that era.
2019 Apple Hill Registration
Is just around the corner
The Gallery is now Open
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